JR Dental Newsletter – June 2022

father's dayWith the ushering in of summer this month, we also have the great joy of welcoming yet another “Funky Tie Day.” Or perhaps you know it as “The Aftershave Day”? We are of course referring to “Father’s Day,” when each year we gather together in celebration of Dads of all stripes, to thank them for everything they have done and continue to do for us. It’s a grand day, worthy of grand hugs and grand gifts. Certainly gifts better than a tie – after all, these days, a lot of people don’t even wear ties to the office! So in the spirit of dentistry, and all things good for your teeth, we thought we would offer up two gifts that just might be better choices for your Dad this Father’s Day. Read more

Its Implant Month here at JR DENTAL!

dentistsHave you ever wondered what you’d look like without your two front teeth? Probably not!
Our Offices specializes in Dental implants that are built to last. Rather than using a removable prosthesis or an affixed bridge, implants create permanent solutions. They are the next best thing to having a natural tooth. If a gap left behind by a missing tooth is not filled with something acting as a tooth root, a patients facial structure slowly changes with the deterioration of jaw bone and shifting of neighboring teeth. However, dental implants not only offer a false tooth solution but implants also acts as tooth roots as they are surgically placed in the jawbone. The jaw bone then heals around the implant (the implant integrates into the jawbone) and minimal, if any bone loss or weakness will occur. For these reasons, dental implants are now the gold standard of replacement tooth therapy.

Additional benefits of dental implants are that they provide a ‘no worries’ feeling while speaking or eating in comparison with alternative treatment methods such as dentures or bridges. Implants allow patients to eat nearly anything including steaks or corn on the cob. If patients take care of their implants as they should with their natural teeth, they often last a lifetime.

We are a Full-Service Jacksonville Office

dental implantPatients looking for a second opinion find that our office offers more for less. Our affordable dental implants are a perfect solution to improve your bite without affecting adjacent teeth. A treatment plan that coordinates the placement of implants with future restorative needs works best to limit additional dental work. JR Dental and Associates treat the patient’s whole mouth not just the immediate need. Our in-house technology and lab ensures fewer complications that arise when having to send out to off-site labs.



Free Implant consult with 3D X-ray (Expires 06/30/2022)

Safe and quick implant placement with 3D cone beam scan, for implant supported denture, single tooth/bridge.
$500 VALUE
Terms & Conditions:Implant eligibility results will be given a week after your 3D x-ray.

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