Special Needs Dentistry

Our group of dentists and specialists provide services to patients with special needs.
Our comfortable facility, sedation resources, knowledge, and expertise will make the visit pleasant for you and your loved ones.

Aging & Elderly Patients

elderly couple

Dentistry for seniors.

As people age, their susceptibility to certain dental problems can increase. For example, older patients on certain medications for high blood pressure, cholesterol, pain, anxiety & more can experience dry mouth as a side effect, which makes teeth more vulnerable to decay. Elderly patients may have problems with old dental restorations, such as dentures that have become ill-fitting or leaky fillings that can let in bacteria. Our staff is trained to address the particular concerns of aging patients & we’re also happy to provide caregivers of older patients advice on keeping up good oral hygiene.

Immunologically Compromised & Medically Complicated Patients

dentistry for chemo patients

Dentistry for medically complicated patients.

Patients living with serious medical conditions or diseases still need their oral health cared for, sometimes even more so than healthy patients. Our team is trained to use appropriate techniques & procedures in caring for patients with compromised immune systems (HIV or leukemia) or other medical issues, such as cardiovascular disease, blood clotting issues, diabetes, liver problems, or those undergoing treatment for cancer. Our detail-oriented approach ensures that patients with medical complications are safe & comfortable.

Patients with Developmental Disabilities or Other Special Needs

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Dentistry for special needs children and adults.

We strive to make sure every one of our patients is comfortable & at ease during their visits, including those with special needs. Our staff is trained to adapt to a patients needs & limitations to provide the best care possible. In some cases where a patient’s disability may make it hard for them to understand what’s going or sit still during their dental procedure, we may consider administering sedation as appropriate. If you care for someone who has a disability, please feel free to call us to discuss how we can best accommodate him or her during a visit to the dentist.